How to Turn Your Next Vacation into a Super Adventure

Cyprus is a small island country that most of the world knows very little about. But a decent number of tourists visit the country every year – there are the hotels and all year round access to sunny beaches.

That’s were most of them stay throughout their holiday.

But as we often deal with tourists, I can say that some of them really know how to add some extra spice into their holiday. Here’s what they taught us.

The main problem with being a tourist

This example works best with big countries like France and UK. The theory behind is: if you follow everyone else’s footsteps, you will see the same as everyone else.

Think about Mona Lisa, Da Vinci’s masterpiece hanging in Louvre. Everyone is talking about it. You have seen the painting in school books, in movies and Wikipedia. But you are still eager in seeing it with your own eyes. You spend 3 hours standing in linen (if you are lucky), come down to the hall, and there it is. Mona Lisa. Surrounded by another two hundred or so visitors.

Is this the best use of your time?

The same is with Cyprus. Hotels work with local shops that will take tourists and show them around. But that’s what everyone does.

Ask for help

tourist asking help

Instead, go to the opposite direction of all the tourists. Ask hotel workers and bus drivers where do the locals shop, by souvenirs, etc., It will all going to be cheaper and you will experience things that no one has ever imagined. And if you like casino games, this is the page with online casinos registered in Cyprus that you can actually visit.

At this point it is only natural if you are staring to have some doubts.

Tourist attractions are safe. What about moving away to the neighborhoods that you don’t know anyone?

Well, you don’t have to go local in your every trip. It all comes down to research from

Ways to experience Cyprus on local level

cyprus local

Like we said, the safest way to experience Cyprus or any other place on a deeper level is to ask hotel staff. No one from the hotel won’t even think of sending you somewhere dangerous.

But there are, of course, better ways.

You can contact us and we will help you out.

Or, go to forums and talk to people that came back from the trip like that. Or, try finding locals. Most people see it as adventure for them too so they are likely to meet up with you and show you around town.

AirBnB is also a decent way. Even more than a hotel, you get to experience the hospitality and food of the locals. I guarantee that is you asked the owners for tips on where to eat and to shop, they will gladly provide you with tons of examples.