Timeless travel tips in Northern Cyprus

Timeless travel tips in Northern Cyprus


Best hotels, golden beaches and lots of sun. every traveler’s dream. Or, maybe you more of a tent and a campfire kinds of a tourist?


The good news, everyone is welcome in Northern Cyprus.

The bad news is that screwing up a holiday trip is easier than you could imagine.


Travel light


This one tip will save you from a world of trouble. Light means simple. Simple is good. Think about your favorite casino apps website. It’s the best for a reason. You feel there at home because it is simple to use.


I know how tempting is to pack like your life depended on it. Preparing for anything that can happen makes us feel safe.


But travel shouldn’t be 100% safe. That’s an adventure. Unforgettable memories are made this way.


Besides, traveling light means you are always prepared. Which brings us to the next point.


Travel fast


Some of the best trips you will ever make will be unprepared. Getting a last-minute package will always be much cheaper than being ‘prepared’. And it’s much more exciting.


You don’t know where to go and what to see. That’s fine, we’ll get to that. But instead of running from unplanned travels, you should embrace it.


Research your destination


The truth is, any country in the world has interesting things to see and experience. You just have to find it. Whether it is planning a trip 6 month ahead or doing the Eleventh Hour check up, finding a couple of places to visit is important.


You may not need them. It may just be a Plan B, C and/or D.

How do you research? First start with the obvious: browse through every theater, museum, amusement park and casino apps website for the area.

Browse for what’s available during your trip. Then, look for public places or places that are opening during your travel. And then, simply ask the locals. Don’t be intimidated. Stop someone in the street and ask where they would spend their free afternoon.


Manage your Expectations


It may not make much sense, but this happens way too often. People take too short trips, too simple trips but expect a life-changing experience. If you want to stay here for a month, you can. But if you’re here for the weekend, know that you’ll have a nice couple of days to tell friends about but not much more.