North Cyprus

The Northen Cyprus: an Unrecognized World

The island of Cyprus, divided into the northern Turks Kayak and the Southern Greyhound Islands, at the present time enjoyed different directions of development of the lo-ma industry. True, there was no general direction for it, but there are currently very different tendencies.

Casinos – under Turkish government?

Casino is one of the main sources of Cyprus’s main income, under the control of the Turkish government. Meanwhile, in the south, there was a tent to the trash between the staunch church and the Greek Cypriot government. At the first stage of the tender, a successful decision by the state to legalize gambling is successful. So, at the moment, the disagreements are shifting to a new level – the lofty competition between the north and south of Cyprus.

A loose business in Cyprus has spread over 40 years. The international community’s unrecognized national budget is estimated at 600 million euros annually. USD (EUR 550 million). There are 25 casinos in the region, most of them casinos. However, in Turkey, the games of chance are not legal. For this reason, the Turks, together with the British, Germans, Frenchmen and Russians, form part of the main tourist destination. According to unofficial data, it is prohibited for Cypriot Turks to go to these establishments.

Great variety of gambling games

Local casinos are offered in a large variety of gambling games: slot machines, card tables, roulette shoes, dice – all in the way, it’s all about European, American and Asian casinos. Visit the page and you will see all the main information about popular casino games. Native work starts midday at local time and runs until the morning. At the beginning of the year I will open a sales automation shop. Tournaments and other game tables start running from the evening. The largest regional casinos – Noah’s Ark, Kaya Artemis, Golden Tulip, Savoy, Merit, Mercure, Malpas – reach their clientele through a variety of travel destinations.

Main source of Cyprus’s income

Gambling tourism, along with construction and education structures, is the main source of Cyprus’s rich income. Leisure is cheaper than in the southern part of the island, and the city streets, restaurants and beaches are not over-filled. However, the status of an unacknowledged state (Cyprus has only formally recognized Turkey and Abkhazia in the short term) is a serious obstacle to tourism, and at the same time, the industry is emerging. In the south, Cyprus has no direct connections to other countries except Turkey. This way you can only get through Turkey or Southern Cyprus. The largest international entertainment network in the world – casinos and casinos – is not about to go to the North Cyprus market. A complicated and unconstrained international political situation hinders any other foreign investment.